Passion being undermined by foolish trolls

It is very easy to hate and troll a person, and it has become easier in the current generation, with the help of various social media platforms. Pointing fingers at the shortcomings of a person is very easy and pulling them part even so. However, if the person who’s doing the trolling is asked to do something better than the one they’re trolling, you wouldn’t get a proper explanation.

This is the same thing that’s happening with Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Sri Rama Dhandakam right now. It is a given that he is not a professional singer and that he’s the best at acting, then, what’s the point in trolling him for not rendering a melodious version of Sri Rama Dhandakam? Moreover, Sri Rama Dhandakam is poetry (padyam), and not a song, and the linguistics of the padyam are quite tough, to say the least.

Balakrishna released his version of the Sri Rama Dhandakam out of his love for Telugu literature, out of passion and out of his love for his father. He needs to be really appreciated for being able to effortlessly pronounce such high standard Telugu, without faltering a bit, and not be trolled for not having a melodious voice. Balakrishna’s rendition of Sri Rama Dhandakam inadvertently stresses the need for more people to concentrate more on the Telugu language.