Pakka Commercial Movie Review and Rating!

Starring Gopichand and Raashi Khanna as the lead pair, Pakka Commercial directed by Maruthi has hit silver screens today. Let’s analyse it.

Story: Lucky ( Gopichand) a criminal lawyer who is widely known for his commercial deals with the clients join forces with a rich businessman Vivek( Rao Ramesh) to safeguard the latter in a land grabbing case. In the process, Lucky even goes against his father Surya Narayana ( Sathyaraj) a ex-judge. What is the conflict between Lucky and his father? How is Vivek interconnected with the entire mess? When time comes to stand besides any one among his father and Vivek, who will a commerical minded Lucky pick, forms the crucial crux of the film.

Performances: Gopichand is super stylish on screen. His screen presence and settled performance are an advantage for the film. His fresh looks and stylish makeover add depth to a few elevation scenes.

Senior actor Sathyaraj gave a good performance in his key role. The confrontation scenes between the father-son duo in the courtroom arguments are executed in a decent manner.

Heroine Raashi Khanna did a decent job in her hyper activity role. Her chemistry with Gopichand is showcased nicely.

Rao Ramesh bags yet another good role. His wicked character as a baddie is good. He delivers an impressive performance. Actor Ajay Ghosh is decent in his funny role. Artists who did supporting roles are okay in their respective roles.

Technicalities: Major disappointment for the movie is the music by Jakes Bejoy. Adding to the lack of refreshing tunes, all the songs come as a speed breakers for the narrative. Even the background music lacks a striking impact.

The cinematography work by Karm Chawla is good as he showcased the entire film on a colourful note. Editing by SB Uddhav is fine.

Production values for this limited budget movie are okay.

Analysis: Director Maruthi’s thought of making a fun coated courtroom action drama with Gopichand is good but his execution comes a major demerit for the movie. Looks like after locking the concept, Maruthi directed the film without a proper bounded script and it is evident in the naration pattern.

While Gopichand impresses with his stylish and uber cool looks, the routine template execution from Maruthi dilutes the audience interest. To summerize, Pakka Commercial is a regular format commercial drama that lacks a gripping narrative and proper scene order. If you are okay with the regular template narration, Pakka Commercial ends up a one-time watch.

Verdict: Commercially packed routine drama!

Rating: 2/5