Oxygen Crisis: Sukumar donates for the cause

It is well-known that due to the shortage of Oxygen in our country, numerous Covid affected patients are dying. Considering the dangerous situation prevailing in various part, many Indian film industry celebrities are coming forward and donating big bucks to overcome the Oxygen crisis.

Now, the latest one to join the list is star Tollywood director Sukumar. Reportedly, Sukumar has donated a whopping sum of Rs 25 lakh to Amalapuram based Azad Foundation for the cause. As per the reports, the Azad Foundation team has been distributing Oxygen cylinders and concentrators to the needy for the past one month and now with the amount donated by Sukumar, the NGO is going to spread its charity wings and reach more people to overcome the problem.

Inside sources reveal that Sukumar is monitoring the work with the help of a group of his friends in the Andhra region.

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