Outdated ideas plaguing Tollywood’s OTT arena?

OTT platforms are like a breath of fresh air to all those who wish to see new concepts and ideas explored. While a theatre experience is the only thing that would be missing with OTT platforms, it is a sacrifice that’s worth it in the end. Hollywood keeps churning out more and more original series and films on the various OTT platforms it has, and all of them are mindblowing in their own way.

Bollywood too has upped its OTT game in recent years, churning out interesting and new concepts that are keeping audiences hooked. The Family Man and Mirzapur are two of the finest examples of how Bollywood has upped its OTT game. Telugu audiences are one of the largest consumers of content on OTT platforms and do not restrict themselves to any language, as subtitles are available for almost everything these days.

Aha was established by Allu Aravind to provide purely Telugu content to audiences, and Aha has been producing numerous films and series in the last one and a half years. However, there have been very few successes for Aha, with most of them being disappointing. Aha does good promotion of its content, but the content itself seems to be underwhelming for audiences. While Telugu audiences seem to want newer ideas and newer scripts to be explored, Aha seems to be producing more and more of the same outdated concepts, presented in a new form. This is not the case with just Aha, but with other OTT platforms as well, including Netflix and Amazon, which have been unable to impress the Telugu audiences till now. At least, this is what audiences think. There’s a lot of demand for content in the present day, with people restricted to their homes due to coronavirus. If Aha manages to up its game, then it sure to see a major surge in its viewership.

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