OTTs become bigger as theatres continue to suffer

OTT platforms were just on the rise in early 2020, and everyone was of the thought that it would take a couple more years for OTT platforms to really get prominent, especially in Tollywood. However, the onset of coronavirus changed everything a lot more rapidly than expected.

OTT platforms got a sudden boom after the onset of coronavirus, with major and minor films all getting an OTT release. Apart from theatrical films getting an OTT release, OTT platforms are also producing more and more original content every year. Either a web series or a film, there’s a new release every month on an OTT platform, on average.

Whether a film gets a direct OTT release or not, films that are scheduled for a theatrical release are making great deals with OTT platforms for streaming rights. Filmmakers are making a lot of profits from these deals, which are covering nearly half of the budget, sometimes, in the case of medium-range films. Given that OTT platforms give the audience the comfort of watching something from their homes, OTT platforms are currently on the rise, with more and more people signing up for various platforms. OTT platforms are expected to get bigger in the coming days, with the demand for content rapidly increasing.

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