OTT platforms: Saviours in disguise

The theatrical business took a major hit due to the coronavirus pandemic, and just when everyone thought that things were getting better in 2021, the second wave of coronavirus once again resulted in the shutting down of theatres across the country. After the second wave, theatres haven’t been opened again, with filmmakers hesitant about releasing their films.

While several filmmakers are waiting to release their films in theatres, some have decided to release them on OTT platforms, to avoid taking any sort of risks. Narappa is the first film to have been released on Amazon Prime, in that category. Producer Suresh Babu had clarified that he took the decision based on the current situations in the country and because he didn’t want to take a risk.

According to the latest reports, Suresh Babu made a profit of nearly 17 Crores, by releasing the film on Amazon Prime. Given that the film was watched by audiences almost as soon as it was released, Amazon too is said to have made enough profits. Nevertheless, by releasing films on OTT platforms, despite the result of a film, producers are able to make money, unlike theatrical releases, where there is a lot more risk involved.

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