OTT platforms’ new plan backfires badly

Movies are commercial businesses, where entertainment is sold to the audience at a price. While audiences are more than willing to pay to get entertained, there’s a limit to how much they are willing to spend, which has been tested in extremes, in recent times. The ticket prices for Baahubali went beyond Rs. 500, which the audiences paid more than willingly, for the quality of the film, and the hard work that went into making it.

However, when the ticket prices for other films were increased, they were less inclined to pay a much lesser price, as they weren’t convinced of the price tag. This has blown up in the face of filmmakers very badly, especially in the case of Acharya, which failed to recuperate its investments by a mile. At a time when audiences decided to not go to theatres due to huge ticket prices, OTT platforms have chimed in and thought they could cash in on hugley anticipated films.

A few OTT platforms introduced the pay per view scheme, which has been trolled very badly online. While some raged quit, most of them just ignored it. As a result, OTT platforms had to reconsider their decision, resulting in their plan backfiring at them very badly.

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