OTT platforms becoming a safe space for actresses?

The Telugu film industry is one where actors are never replaceable, as they hold their own, but actresses are replaced within a very short span of time. With the exception of a few actresses, Tollywood always keeps introducing new actresses, which slowly reduces work for ones who are already working in the industry.

As such it is always hard to compete with younger talent, after which actresses usually move away from cinema, and settle down with a family. With the changing times, however, things are also changing. Actresses are becoming less dispensable, with audiences preferring to see known faces in wider roles. Also, with the advent and domination of the OTT space right now, actresses are in a much safer space.

The lines between OTT content and theatrical content are very slim in Hollywood, with everyone working everywhere. While that culture would take a long time to gain prominence in Tollywood, actresses are juggling both platforms. This is especially true for tenured actresses, who are not as busy as they used to be. OTT platforms also give the freedom for actresses to showcase their acting talent, thus becoming a better, and a safer space for them.

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