OTT deals become a huge conundrum for Tollywood producers

OTT deals are a savior in disguise and also a huge pain for the producers, all at the same time. They were a knight in shining armor for producers during the pandemic, when theatres were shut down, and producers were forced to release their films due to financial stress. Even now, with films continuously flopping at the box office, OTT deals are coming to the rescue of producers, by giving good deals, which are rescuing producers from financial woes.

While producers are emerging on the safer side, theatre owners and distributors are suffering because of OTT deals, as box office collections are being greatly affected. As a result, most of the producers have agreed to a 50 day OTT release window, meaning that any film would be released on OTT only after completing 50 days in theatres.

This deal would work for some producers, but wouldn’t work for others, making the entire ordeal a huge conundrum for everyone involved. Looks like OTT deals might continue to be a mystery for some more time.

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