Opinion: Tollywood actors following a risky formula

It isn’t easy to get pan-Indian fame, for directors or even for actors. A lot is required to be able to achieve that, and there are instances where those who achieved pan-Indian success weren’t able to live up to it for a long time.

Despite the many risks associated with this, more and more actors seem to be eager to find pan-Indian fame, without properly understanding what it means. From top actors to mid-range actors, everyone is trying to appeal to the entire Indian audience. The latest to join the club is Varun Tej, whose next film is going to be released in Hindi as well.

At a time when films are not working in Telugu itself, it does look too far-fetched for someone to be attempting to go national. Not just Varun Tej, but other actors as well. Vijay Deverakonda is a good example of how such experiments can result. Despite the fact that the actor has a good following across the country, he hasn’t been able to impress the audience with his pan-Indian outing, Liger. This should, perhaps, be considered a huge lesson by everyone else who is attempting such a feat, as it is highly risky.

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