Opinion: Theatrical situation not getting any better

Two years ago, the increase of OTT platforms and the increase in the consumption of content on OTT platforms was never thought to be a threat to the way content is consumed in theatres. However, things have taken a drastic turn in the last two years, especially because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has changed things completely for everyone.

To add to that is the fact that Tollywood producers have decided to increase the ticket prices for films as per their wishes, which has not been going down well with the audiences, resulting in a drastic footfall in theatres. With that being said, audiences are turning up to the theatres only if there’s a big film with a huge buzz coming out, or if a film gets a good word of mouth.

Otherwise, audiences are more than willing to wait it out to watch any film from the comfort of their homes, once it releases on an OTT platform. While small films are definitely suffering because of this, big films seem to be suffering pretty badly as well. Whatever the reason may be, the theatrical situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and if a solution isn’t arrived at, at the earliest, then things could get worse.

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