Opinion: Allu Arjun is no more a mega hero

For the past few days, hatred discussion has been going between Mega fans on social media platforms. While a few are disowning Allu Arjun and requesting other mega fans to stop watching his films, a few others are breathing fire on the star for neglecting Megastar Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.

Major complaint from mega fans is that after attaining star status, Allu Arjun has used Mega family and is now neglecting them after getting pan-India reach with Pushpa. Even Allu Arjun fans started a trend #EmperaleeruBorther on Twitter yesterday. By seeing the war of words between the two camps, it is evident that Allu Arjun is no more a mega heo for mega fans.

Surprisingly, Allu Arjun is getting support from Nandamuri fans in this online war with Mega fans. It is well-known that Allu Arjun graced the pre-release event for Balayya’s last outing, Akhanda even his father Allu Arvind launched NBK as host with Aha’s talk show, Unstoppable with NBK. The show brought so much appreciation for Balayya from the netizens and moviegoers.

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