Operation Gold Fish

Operation Gold Fish is a do or die film for Aadi Sai Kumar as he has only given flops in his career. The film is out and read our review to find out if Aadi scores a hit.

Story: The film is set in the ’90s where a terrorist named Ghazi Baba is killing Kashmiri Pundits. On the other hand, Arjun is an NSG commando who risks his life to nab Ghazi Baba. But to his bad luck, Ghazi Baba’s Gang kidnaps the daughter of a minister and ask them to release Ghazi Baba. Will the government obey and what role does Arjun play in this set up is the story of the film.

Performances: aadi Sai Kumar always gives his best for the film but somehow, he does not gets noticed. The same is the case in this film as Aadi is okay but his role is not that weight worthy. His emotions are lost in the narration.

One of the big let down is Abburi Ravi playing the main villain. A better and senior actor would have made a lot of difference to the film. Manoj Nandan is the highlight as he gives a good performance as a terrorist. Krishnudu and other supporting cast did well in their roles.




Predictable Story

Analysis: Patriotic thrillers need to be on the move most of the time with taut screenplay but that is not the case in Operation Gold Fish. The director Sai Kiran Adavi takes too much time as his screenplay does not have that impact. He wastes too much time in unwanted scenes and forgets the core emotions. The premise is good but has been seen in many films.

For Telugu a few sections are new but they do not create any impact whatsoever. Upon this, he adds a love story that takes the film even down. Pakistani terrorists enter the country easily and deal in their deeds as if it is their home town. All this looks a bit shabby and logicless.

There are few action elements that have been shot well but sadly, the film does not give that adrenaline rush which you look from such films and ends as a dull action thriller.

Rating: 1/5

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