One more speed breaker for Tollywood

The second wave of coronavirus hasn’t been smooth for any industry in the country, especially the movie industry. The second wave increased the fear of the pandemic in every single person, thus changing the dynamics for the Indian film industry, especially Tollywood, as it’s a film industry that is predominantly dependant on the theatre-going culture.

The audience’s response to the reopening of theatres after the first wave was pretty welcoming, with everyone flocking to the theatres. However, the same cannot be said about the audience’s response to going back to theatres after the second wave, with most people choosing to stay at home. Despite that, films like SR Kalyanamandapam, Thimmarusu, Paagal and Raja Raja Chora did decently at the box office, giving hope for bigger films to release in theatres.

This last week has been dismal though, with both Dear Megha and 101 Jillala Andagadu not performing well at the box office. This has turned out to be a speed breaker for Tollywood, with everyone now looking forward to the release of Gopichand’s Seetimaarr, which will mark the release of the first major film in Tollywood, after the second wave of the pandemic.