One by one, films to line-up sooner, rather than later

There have been many hurdles for the film industry as a whole, in the last one and a half years, due to the coronavirus pandemic, as the pandemic has resulted in the shutting down of cinema theatres across the world, hitting on the livelihoods of thousands of people. Tollywood is no different, and while the Telugu film industry managed to be the only industry to score several hits after the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the same cannot be said of the situations after the second wave.

There hasn’t been a real hope of films doing well in theatres after the second, until now, with all the films that have been released so far doing just about average business at the box office. With the arrival and the spectacular performance of Love Story at theatres though, hopes on audiences going back to theatres to watch films with good content, have been increased.

With Love Story now giving a major ray of hope, and with many films having already announced their release dates, it is expected that some other major films will also very soon announce their release dates now, rather than later.

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