Omicron scare takes over Indian Cinema

The spreading of the omicron variant of the coronavirus pandemic in the country has been threatening the Northern part of the country until now, but with the state of Tamil Nadu contemplating shutting down of theatres as well, due to the rapid spreading of the variant, the scare of omicron si slowly spreading, and taking over Indian cinema.

The Tamil cinema is as big as the Telugu film industry, and with a huge film coming out in Tamil, Thala Ajith’s Valimai, which has been postponed, and with the postponement of RRR and Radhe Shyam as well, it is being said that it is only time before the theatres once again shut down everywhere. Delhi has already shut down its theatres, Maharashtra has given permission to run theatres at 50%, and Tamil Nadu is now contemplating shutting down its theatres.

With the situation of the ticket prices in Andhra Pradesh not getting better any time soon, and with the Telangana government announcing a long vacation for Sankranthi, to contain the spreading of the virus, it is being said that the Telugu states will soon go into lockdown. On the whole though, the omicron varaint sure has everyone scared and not taking a risk.

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