Oka Manasu

Niharika Konidela’s debut has been most awaited. Of course, since she’s from the mega family. She scouted several stories before actually choosing this film. But does it work? Read on.

Story : Sandhya (Niharika Konidela) and Surya (Naga Shaurya) are in love. But there are practical hurdles which they eventually going to face. Will they cross the tide?

Analysis : The director had brought in a beautiful filmmaking style with his Mallela Teeramlo Sirimalle Puvvu. And with this film, he does manage to recreate that a bit. However, the emotion and poetic experience he attempts to give us in this film is lost in translation. Because we can see him giving us some really beautiful moments which work wonders. But then, in the end, it remains an experience only and isn’t really telling you a story, which is very important for a cinematic experience.
He is luckily aided by some good production values riveting music and brilliant cinematography. But what’s the use of all the value addition?

Performances : Niharika is still raw in terms of her performance and has a long way to go. While she plays the role of Sandhya with some ease, at times, you can’t fail to notice that she’s an amateur. It is her co-star Naga Shaurya, though, who takes centre-stage and impresses with his flawless performance. Not many have really admired this young lad’s natural flair for acting. It’s high time they do! In supporting roles, Pragathi as the girl’s mother gets onto your nerves at times. She unintentionally evokes laughter as well. Rao Ramesh is sufficient and RJ Hemanth looks different in his character with negative shades.

Verdict : This film definitely has beautiful moments but as a whole, it’s too slow to take in for the average cine goer. Watch it for the moments, but don’t expect a narrative.


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