Oka Chinna Family Story web series Review and Rating!

Actress Niharika Konidela produced a web series titled, Oka Chinna Family Story. Directed by Mahesh Uppala, the series is out on noted streaming platform Zee5 today. Let’s analyse it.

Story: Set in Warangal backdrop, the five-episode series deals with the life story of the middle-class family of Haridas(Naresh). Being a family person, Haridas leads a simple lifestyle and expects a quality life for his son Mahesh(Sangeet Shobhan). But as a quite contrast, Mahesh will be leading an unambitious life. But suddenly, Haridas passes away and leaves his family in huge trouble. What will Mahesh and his mother do to overcome the financial problems at home? How is a loan amount of Rs 25 lakh interconnected with the proceedings? To know that, you have to catch the series exclusively on Zee5.

Performances: Sangeet Shobhan is the show-stealer as he carried the mood of the series nicely with his natural acting in the boy-next-door character. His ease in dialogue delivery brings a lot of depth to the proceedings.

Senior actor Naresh is decent in his role as a responsible father. Actress Tulasi did her part quite convincingly as a typical middle-class mother. The chemistry between Sangeet Shobhan and Tulasi brings life to the family episodes.

Heroine Simran Sharma is gorgeous and did her part in a decent manner. While senior actress Prameela Rani is good in her grandmother role, Rajeev Kanakala, Getup Srinu are okay in their extended cameo roles.

Technicalities: Music by PK Dandi is alright as his background score registers well. Raju Edurolu’s cinematography work is nice as he captured the premise quite effectively.

Production values by Niharika Konidela’s production house are good. Editing work is adequate. The artwork and production design are done perfectly.

Analysis: Mahesh Uppala directs Oka Chinna Family Story. Mahesh tried his best to showcase the middle-class lifestyle and financial problems in a family in this five-episode series.

As most of the episodes revolve around a family setup (father-son-mother relationship), Mahesh executed the drama between the family members in a decent manner. Though during the first three episodes, the series lacks emotional connectivity, the director balanced it by focusing more on the dramedy.

Only during the last episode, the depth in the father-son relationship will be unveiled and the emotional content showcased in the final episode connects well with the viewers. To keep it simple, Oka Chinna Family Story is a comedy coated family drama that has good performances from the lead artists. If you ignore the pace related issues here and there, Oka Chinna Family Story ends up as a passable watch during this weekend

Verdict: Humour clicks!

Rating: 3/5