Oh Baby

Oh Baby is banking heavily on the star power of Samantha. Directed by Nandini Reddy this film has released with superb buzz all over. Here is our take on the film.

Plot: The film is about an old lady played by Lakshmi who is ignored by her kids. Upset with her life, she comes away from her kids and gets a wish granted to become young and lead her life in the best way possible. This young Baby is none other than Samantha. The crux of the film is as to what Baby aka Samantha does when she turns young and how she breaks this truth to others.

Performances: Samantha lives in the role of Baby. This is by far her best performance in her career. Post her wedding, she has opened up so much and is so lovely on screen. Be it the emotions or comedy, Samantha has nailed it in Oh Baby.

Senior actor Rajendra Prasad gives a stellar perfomance as Chanti. He is cute, natkhat and emotional at the same time and strikes superb chemistry with both Lakshmi and Sam.

Lakshmi holds the film nicely in the initial part and brings a depth to the film. New actor Teja who was once a kid star is also good. Rao Ramesh as usual kills it with his emotional act.


Rajendra Prasad
Family emotions


Predictable story

Analysis: Oh Baby is the remake of a Korean hit film. But it has been adapted by Nandini Reddy in such a manner that it looks quite novel. The plot is set up nicely and what makes things click are the performances of the cast. Everyone is spot on.

Though the plot is a bit predictable, the manner in which the emotions are unleashed is good. Samantha’s journey in the film is filled with good bad and emotional moments and this has been shown quite effectively. There are not many dull moments in the film as the proceedings are quite lovely and endearing.

The climax and the manner in which the film has an emotional yet entertaining ending is makes for a good heart out watch. The parents and all the family members will love the film as it is simple and clean.

Rating: 2.5/5

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