Nuvvu Thopu Raa Movie Review

Plot:: Saroornagar Suri (Sudhakar) is a kid growing up with a single mother (Nirosha). He misses his father as he is dead and also misses his mother as she tries to work hard to make ends meet. He grows up to be a repulsive and angry careless adult with a little respect to anyone around him.

He falls for Ramya (Nithya) but then due to his careless attitude, they both end their relationship. She asks him to have a goal and asks him to come to the USA with her. He gets an opportunity to go to the USA as an artist and what happens next? Watch it on the screen …

Performances:: Sudhakar Komakula as an actor is very clueless and he tried to use everything he can, to show emotion. But those emotions don’t have any kind of subtitles for us to decode. He looks bulk and the ease in body language is completely absent. While the story is a bad choice for him, his performance doesn’t help too.

Nithya Shetty looked mostly like Swathi and she tried to infuse some charisma into the movie. She failed to really give any kind of meaning to the performance as the scenes are heavily random. All others are either amateurish or clueless.

Technicalities:: Ajju Mahankali’s dialogues have no real clue about the plot or the scenes. He just tried to write some words in a sentence and never cared for the meaning behind them.

Suresh Bobbili’s BGM and songs are really bad. It seems like the musician is watching some other film and we are watching some other one. There is no real connection between the scenes and the music at any point.

Venkat Dilip and Prakash Velayudhan’s camera work doesn’t add any character to the movie and in actuality, it looks like an extension of a bad TV movie.

SB Uddhav as an editor did not think about how to connect the various threads in a streamlined manner. He seems to have cared enough to cut the movie as properly as it should be as the team too gave him random stuff.

Harinath Babu directed the movie as if he was asked to direct a film at gunpoint. There is no flow between the shots and there is also no flow from scene to scene too. He seems to have made something out of random stuff and wanted to see his name as a director for sure. He faltered so much that we cannot make out a movie from what we saw on the screen.

Analysis:: This movie is one of the worst ever screenplays one could write. Nothing in the movie has a flow and the scenes just come across as randomly as rains in Equatorial and Tropical forest regions. How much ever audience try to follow the proceedings they will find it disconnecting without any problem.

After a while, we just give them an excuse to go on and on by handing them our brains on a platter. It is really too random to make any sense even by the climax. To put it out vaguely, this film is a reminder of what can go wrong in a film when you care the least.

Rating: 1.5/5