NTR’s clueless act raising new doubts?

Initially, as the director for his 30th project, NTR picked Trivikram. However, the recent developments made it clear that the project was shelved due to reasons unknown.

But when the project was in the discussion stage for the past year or so, news used to make rounds that Trivikram is penning an intense political drama. Even speculations came out that Trivikram is keen on naming the film Ayinanu Poyi Raavale Hasthinaku.

As the combination to not materialize, NTR’s PR team approached Koratala Siva and the director immediately said yes to do the project and an official announcement regarding the same came out a couple of weeks back.

Now, the fresh buzz circulating among media circles is that NTR’s project with Koratala Siva is going to a political drama set in a wider premise.

If the news turns into reality, by considering the above two scenarios, it evident that Tarak is keen on doing a political drama at any cost and build up his image among the public. There is nothing wrong with trying a hand in political genre film but many are left clueless on why Junior is keen on doing a political movie at this point in time.

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