NTR’s biopic a bitter lesson for others?

When a biopic was made on Mahanati Savitri, which turned out to be a massive success, everyone in Tollywood wanted to make a biopic on all the legendary actors in the industry. Beginning with NTR’s biopic, there were talks about biopics on ANR, Krishna, and many others.

Nandamuri Balakrishna featured in the biopic of his father NTR, playing his father, creating a unique record of its own. There were decent expectations on NTR’s biopic, which was made in two parts, with the first part dealing with NTR’s acting career, and the second part dealing with his political career. Upon release though, both the films failed to impress the audience, turning out to be major disappointments.

Post the debacle of these films, the talk about any other biopics in the industry was all but silent. Things got so serious that no one is prepared to talk about it once again, with Superstar Mahesh Babu recently even saying that he would like to be an audience and watch his father’s biopic rather than act in it.

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