November Story Web-Series Review & Rating!

Noted heroine Tamannaah ventured into the OTT space with Aha’s original web series, 11th Hour. As her second attempt, Tamannaah acted in Disney Plus Hotstar’s November Story that was premiered on May 20th. Let’s check how it fares.

Story: An ethical hacker named Anuradha (Tamannaah) lands in trouble soon after her father ( role played by GM Kumar) was framed in a murder he has never done. In the process to save her father, what will Anu do? How will she use the available technology and her hacking knowledge to prove her father innocent in the murder mystery? Is presented in this seven-episode series.

Performances: Tamannaah, who is widely known for her glamorous roles impresses with her acting skills in her performance-oriented role. She acted so naturally in all the emotional scenes with her father.

GM Kumar fits well in the given crucial role and creates his marks with convincing performance throughout. Other actors like Pasupathy, Vivek Prasanna are good in their respective roles and brings a lot of depth to the proceedings.

The father-daughter relationship showcased between GM Kumar and Tamannaah in the series can be termed as one of the plus points.

Technicalities: The cinematography work by Vidhu Ayyanna is good as his rich frames and colour texture brings so much authenticity to this thriller. Editing by Sharan Govindswamy is adequate and so is the case with the production values.

The premises created by the production design team has been naturally showcased and elevates the mood of the series.

Analysis: Director Indhra Subramanian’s story is good and has a lot of scope to explore in an even better way. But sadly, the director takes his own sweet time for the character establishment episodes soon after a decent beginning.

His screenplay also suffers from so many ups and downs which literally dilutes the viewers’ attention. The major twists and turns in this thriller series are not executed in an effective manner. Adding to the above drawbacks, the slow-paced narration and predictable scenes during the first five episodes make viewers lose their interest in this crime thriller.

To summarize, except for the final two episodes, November Story largely suffers from an unengaging presentation.

Verdict: Slow-paced thriller

Rating: 2/5

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