Not in the Sankranthi race anymore!

The biggest question that’s lurking around in every major filmmaker’s brain is of the release date of Rajamouli’s RRR, which has been postponed several times. The shooting of the film has been delayed due to several reasons, including both the waves of coronavirus and thus, the release of the film has also been postponed as a result.

RRR was scheduled to release on October 13th this year, but the film’s release has been officially postponed. There hasn’t been any clarity over the new release date of the film yet, due to which the producers of other big films are worried, as they do not want their film’s release to clash with the release of RRR, as RRR is a huge film made on a massive and pan-Indian scale, with a high budget.

While there are speculations that the film will release for Sankranthi 2022, it is now being said that the film will release only for Summer 2022, in April. Rajamouli is said to have considered Sankranthi as the release date of the film, but since a lot of films are already scheduled to release for Sankranthi 2022, the team of RRR is said to be considering April for their release.

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