Nootokka Jillala Andagadu Movie Review and Rating!

Actor cum filmmaker Srinivas Avasarala and heroine Ruhani Sharma’s new film, Nootokka Jillala Andagadu under the direction of Rachakonda Vidya Sagar has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it fares.

Story: Gutti Suryanarayana aka GSN( Srinivas Avasarala), a bald-head unmarried person falls for his colleague Anjali( Ruhani Sharma) at the workplace. To impress her, GSN hides his baldness by wearing a wig. But one fine day, Anjali comes to know about GSN’s bald secret. Later, what will GSN do? Will he try to convince Anjali and gain back her love? What kind of hurdles will he undergo mentally in the whole process? Forms the rest of the plotline.

Performances: Srinivas Avasarala delivers a convincing performance in the lead role as a bald-head person, who has a severe insecurity problem with his hereditary defect. Apart from evoking good laughs with his trademark peculiar dialogues, Srinivas impresses with his acting in low confidence and emotional scenes with his mother.

Heroine Ruhani Sharma is captivating on the screen and gave a decent performance. Her chemistry with Srinivas Avasarala is good in the initial proceedings. However, the hero-heroine thread has been not been established properly later.

Actress Rohini is apt in the given key role and so is the case with other artists such as Rudra Pratap, who did supporting roles.

Technicalities: The cinematography by Raam is apt for the film as he showcased the entire setup in a colourful manner with his framing. Editing work by Kiran Ganti is decent as he kept the film’s runtime within limits.

Dialogues provided by Srinivas Avasarala are okay but would have been even better. Music by Shakthikanth Karthick is okay but has nothing freshness to mention here.

Production values for this low budget movie made on a tight budget are adequate.

Analysis: While Srinivas Avasarala provided the story and dialogues, Rachakonda Vidyasagar directed Nootokka Jillala Andagadu. Taking wise, Vidhyasagar did a decent job but would have focused more on presenting the film in a gripping manner. Though the starting episodes in the first half are executed neatly, the later proceedings fall flat with a single point stretched episodes.

For concept-oriented films like Nootokka Jillala Andagadu, strong writing and proper scene order are very important to impress the audience. Though the film has decent dialogues according to the scene, they miss depth. Adding to it, the insecurities in the hero’s character are not addressed in the right manner which indeed disconnects the audience from the core theme.

To summerize, Nootokka Jillala Andagadu is the story of a bald head person, who has very low confidence and suffers from exposure to society with his real face. Though the lead artists gave a convincing performance, the flat and predictable scenes in the second half make the film an unsatisfactory watch.

Verdict: Absence of emotional connectivity!!!

Rating: 1.5/5

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