No, Megastar Biopic will be happening

Megastar Chiranjeevi is one of the actors who started their life from a lower income family, financially and economically bsckward stage to achieve the fame, riches they enjoy today. After NTR, ANR, he is the most loved matinee idol of Telugu Cinema.

When NTR got a biopic, the demand for ANR biopic, Gummadi, Krishna, Sobhan Babu biopics have come out too. But family members of actors have dismissed those demands and said that they have no plans to make any biopics.

Suddenly, a demand for Megastar biopic came out and Naga Babu on behalf of the Mega family answered that they don’t have such plans and don’t have any interest also to pursue such demands.

He said that he wishes someone in future try such films but they don’t want to blow their own trumpet. He also said that no one can really act or dance like Chiranjeevi and he has no desire to see anyone try also.