Ninnu Kori

Actor Nani, is going great guns at the box office with continuous hits these days. He is improving his star rating with each film and Ninnu Kori is his latest release. Debutant director, Shiva Nirvana tries to tell a coming of age love story with a depressed lover who is unable to move on. He asks to accept life has it is and enjoy it more but he fails to create an interesting premise. Let’s discuss about the movie in detail ..

Plot : Uma Maheshwar Rao (Nani) falls in love with Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas) but as he chooses to find a job before marrying her, Pallavi accepts to marry her father’s choice, Arun (Aadhi Pinisetty). Uma even though has a good job and prospering career in US, he becomes a drug addict and alcoholic unable to cope up with love failure. Knowing about his situation, Pallavi offers to help him by inviting him into her life for ten days and accepts his challenge that if he proves that she still loves him, he will walk out of her marriage and come with him. What transpires next, who have to watch it on screen…

Performances : Nani in this film tries to induce life into his character that is not etched properly. He tries to lend his usual charm to the lighter parts and tries to bring out his character Uma in the emotional scenes. But Nani with his choice of scripts and roles he is getting highly limited as an actor. He needs to re-think about his characters and chose something that is completely contrast to his template movies in coming days.

Nivetha Thomas has shown her full potential in this film. She seems like the best prospect in terms of acting for Telugu Cinema after Nitya Menen. Even though she is not given something new or highly challenging, she still impresses with her natural charm in the movie. Aadhi Pinisetty is completely sidelined in this movie. He is just present in those scenes but doesn’t get much importance. Neither his character is etched out convincingly. The justification given to his actions seems like an after thought in the script. He is a much better actor than what this film has been able to explore. Murali Sharma and Pridhvi are a delight.

Technicalities : Karthik Ghattamaneni lends a good hand with his camera to the director and sets a tone to the movie. But his work is not supported by the script here. He tries his best to infuse life to the emotions but as audience we don’t connect with them at all. Editing for the movie by Pravin Pudi is not upto his standards. Music and BGM by Gopi Sundar is an highlight for the movie. We tend to feel his presence through out the movie with sooting music playing in our ears. But his work is highly wasted by the director with his unimaginative narration of a supposedly mature love story.

We have seen the point of the director in many films like Kanyadanam and we expect the debutant director bring some freshness to his script. But he fails in soing so. Shiva Nirvana follows the conventions and fails to execute them convincingly as well. Love cannot be forced on a person and it develops over time. When you don’t give such strong base to the other couple’s relationship in a bid to let your lead character have a hope, then you’re killing your own film and it’s emotion. One tends to feel for the story that even though it had some potential it has been left unexplored.

Analysis : The movie tries to induce many commercial elements to a routine story and tries to narrate it with comedy. We have seen this kind of stories many times and if the director wanted the main lead to realise how wrong he is, he should have created more space for him and other characters as well to have a scene or two, where they realise the mistakes and impact of their actions. In a bid to make all of them good souls, he doesn’t even tend to trade on the grey line. This movie is a great example of could have been, should have been scenario. On the whole, movie fails to live upto the hype and not a value addition to any of the actor’s filmographies.

Rating : 2.5/5

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