Nikki Galrani tests COVID-19 positive!

COVID-19 is still a huge threat to our country. Daily thousands of cases are being reported. Even celebrities and political personalities are testing positive for this deadly virus. The latest celebrity to catch up with the virus is Nikki Galrani. The actress herself has confirmed the news. She wrote “I was tested Positive for #COVID-19 last week. I’m on my way to recovery and feeling much better now. Smiling face with smiling eyes. I’d like to thank my close ones for looking out for me, all the frontline Health Workers & mainly the #Chennai #TamilNadu #Corporation for their Constant Support Heart suit”.

Apart from this message she had shared her experience in which she tells us that she had mild symptoms such as bad throat, fever, loss of smell and taste, etc., Nikki Galrani is confident that she can go through this considering her age and medical conditions. Nikki Galrani urges to wear a mask, maintains social distancing, wash hands regularly, and not to go outside unless and until it is extremely necessary.