Newer movies begin despite major uncertainty

There’s a lot of uncertainty that is prevalent in the film industry right now, with filmmakers unsure and uncertain about the release of their film, and the release mode of their film. While some producers are waiting to release their films in theatres, some producers are going ahead with OTT releases, scared of the coronavirus pandemic, and what it might still have in store.

There are a number of films that are yet to be released, and the producers of these films are pondering over the release dates of the films. There’s a lot of confusion over this factor as every film producer is trying to get the best release date for their film. While this confusion continues to prevail, for both big and small films, many other new films have begun shooting.

Several heroes even have more than one film, and some even have 2 or more than 2 films ready for release. Despite that, actors are shooting for newer films, singing more films, and making more deals. Despite the uncertainty, producers are confident that they won’t run into losses, due to OTT platforms, and the demand for more and more content. It is now to be seen how producers will figure out release dates, and how these many films will be released, and when.

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