New MAA panel announced!

There was a lot of fuss, and a lot of politics involved in the MAA association, leading up to the elections that were concluded recently. A lot of people submitted their candidature for the Presidency, and the new panel has finally been announced today.

Prakash Raj has been announced as the new President of MAA, while Srikanth is the Executive Vice President, Benarjee and Hema are the Vice Presidents, Jeevitha Rajasekhar is the General Secretary, Uttej and Anitha Chaudary are the Joint Secretaries and Nagineedu is the Treasurer, and 18 others are part of the executive committee.

A lot of discussions were held over who should be the President, and who shouldn’t be, and a lot of controversies surrounded the matter. On the other hand, the main conflict was about the building for the MAA association, which had been announced a really long time ago, but hasn’t come to fruition yet. It is now to be seen if this building will become a reality at least now, with the Manchu family offering to sponsor the entire cost for the building.

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