New hurdles in the way of Tollywood

Tollywood is one of the biggest film industries in the world, having produced more films than Bollywood several times. In the last few years, Tollywood has even achieved global recognition, thanks to its innovative concepts.

Just when things started to look highly promising, the coronavirus pandemic shook the entire industry, putting it in a state of rest for an unexpectedly long time last year. It took a while before anyone dared to go back to shooting and back to being around crowds, but the industry got back to functioning towards the end of 2020, and even theatres reopened in December.

In April this year, the second wave of coronavirus started and due to the lockdown in May, things once again hit a low. The Telangana government’s decision o lift the lockdown completely from today has been welcome news for Tollywood, with filmmakers having the choice to get back to shooting and releasing films in theatres once again. However, the same is not the case in Andhra Pradesh, where there are still restrictions in place. Tollywood filmmakers aren’t ready to release films in theatres until the market in AP opens up as well, as they would lose out on a lot of business if they didn’t wait for AP to open up. It is now to be seen when this hurdle for Tollywood would be lifted.

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