Never ending pay gap between actors and actresses

Film industries everywhere are usually centred around its actors, more than around its actresses. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood, actors are always given more importance than actresses, as it is they who carry a film on their shoulders, and audiences have expectations on them.

However, every so often there are films that are shouldered by actresses only, and even then, they do not get paid on par with their actor counterparts. No matter how big the actress is, or the kind of stardom she enjoys, she’s always paid less than an actor. For example, in Tollywood, actors draw tens of crores as their remuneration, and actresses continue to be paid below 10 Crores.

Even top actresses often referred to as the Lady Superstars of South Cinema, Anushka and Nayanthara, who often headline films, don’t draw half as much as their actor counterparts do. There have been several debates and conflicts in other industries, like Hollywood and Bollywood, in the past, and even now as well, about actresses getting paid on par with actors, and while some have managed to win the battle, some haven’t. Here’s hoping the day everyone gets paid equally comes along very soon.a

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