Never ending debates on the remake of Karnan

Tamil actor Dhanush starred in the highly acclaimed Karnan this year, which deals with a very sensitive and bold topic such as caste discrimination and the way lower castes used to be treated a few decades ago. He received huge praise for his performance in the lead role, and for his guts in accepting such a bold concept.

Karnan was not dubbed in Telugu, and shortly after the release of the film, it was announced that producer Bellamkonda Suresh bought the remake rights of the film and that Bellamkonda Srinivas would be playing Dhanush’s role in the Telugu remake. There was a lot of backlash to this announcement, with many saying that Bellamkonda Srinivas wouldn’t be able to live up to Dhanush’s performance in the original and that the movie would turn out to be a disappointment.

Now, sources are saying that veteran actor Rao Ramesh would be essaying an important role in the film. More details on his role are yet to be announced, but this information is being received well by audiences, who are believing that Rao Ramesh’s presence would make the film a lot better. On the other hand, it is being said that director Srikanth Addala would be directing this remake. He recently directed the remake of Asuran, Narappa, starring Venkatesh.

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