Nata’Simha’s unique connection

Several actors have a unique connection with screen names like Amitabh Bachchan with Vijay, Shah Rukh Khan with Rahul/Raj, Salman Khan with Prem, Megastar Chiranjeevi with Vijay/Khaidi, Superstar Krishna with Rowdy/Krishna, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao with Lord Rama/Krishna and Akkineni Nageswara Rao with Gopi. Actor and popular star hero, Balakrishna has become known as NataSimha as he is the person who started in major films to have Simha in the title. He made ‘Simha’ as his screen name for few years and let’s see how successful his connection is with this title.

Simham NavvindiSimham navvindiEarly in his career, Balakrishna started his long association with Simham/Simha in the time with the film Simham Navvindi. He acted with his father, legendary actor, NTR in the film and the movie released in 1983 to a good reception.

Bobbili SimhamBobbili SimhamAfter few films starring major heroes with Simham in title, Balakrishna being true to his father’s title Kondaveeti Simham, came with the movie Bobbili Simham in the year, 1994. The movie became a big success for Balakrishna after few flops and the collections prompted fans to call him, Box office Bonanza. Kondanda Rami Reddy, delivered his last major success with this movie.

Samarasimha ReddySamarasimha reddySamarasimha Reddy has redefined action genre in Telugu Cinema. The commercial mass masala films mastered the Basha formula and Balakrishna took it to next level as a factionist with golden heart. Balakrishna and B.Gopal proved to be a hit combination with this movie on Telugu screen after an hiatus. The movie became a trendsetting Blockbuster.

Narasimha NaiduNarasimha naiduBalakrishna had to come back as Simha again on screen to re-write records for a Sankranti as a faction hero, Narasimha Naidu. The movie became an Industry Hit with 23 crores share in collections and great run in theatres for 50 days and 100 days centres. Balakrishna and B.Gopal hit combination has struck gold again.

Seema SimhamSeema SimhamFor another Sankranthi Balakrishna delivered another hit as Seema Simham. Balakrishna mastered the art of playing a good hearted faction hero and this movie proved it again. The connection with Simha started to show on Balayya’s resume.

Lakshmi NarasimhaLakshmi NarasimhaOnce again after a series of flops, Balakrishna got a hit with Lakshmi Narasimha for his favourite Sankranthi season. Jayanthi C. Paranjee delivered a success with Balakrishna after a flop and the movie created a trend in bad but good cop movies during the time.

SimhaSimhaBalakrishna after 6 years, came back as Simha and got the big success that has alluring him for all the years after, Lakshmi Narasimha. The movie cemented his title as NataSimha and the action image of Balakrishna as been cemented again for new generation with this movie. It is the first film of the hit combination Balayya and Boyapati Srinu.

Jai SimhaJai SimhaNow, again Balakrishna is coming as Simha with Jai Simha. The movie is directed by K.S.Ravi Kumar and schedule for a Sankranti release. Sankranthi has been Balakrishna’s season with his movie definitely releasing for the season every year. For 2018, he is coming back as Jai Simha and we have to see how he will shake the box office.