Nara Rohit looking for a solid comeback

Nara Rohit made his debut with the movie Baanam which got released in the year 2009. The film was appreciated as a sensible one and Rohit’s performance has got a good reception. Since then Nara Rohit has done experiments with some of them yielding his good results and many of them turned out to be failures. Of late, Nara Rohit’s films are not doing well at the box office. His last recent movie Aatagallu and Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayulu tanked at the box office without a trace and Nara Rohit has taken a sabbatical from movies. He hasn’t signed his next movie.

Nara Rohit after 2 years is coming back to acting. It is said that Nara Rohit will be signing a new film very soon. He has undergone a physical transformation in the meantime. He has grown thick beard too. There are talks that he has been finalized as the antagonist in Allu Arjun’s next Pushpa in the direction of Sukumar.

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