Nani’s V haunting Tollywood actors big time

Natural Star Nani’s 25th film, V, continues to be the only major film in Tollywood that was released digitally until now. Before that, not many films released digitally, and post that, only small films have released digitally.

No one foresaw that second wave of coronavirus in India, as a result of which, a lot of people have faced a lot of problems. Tollywood producers are once again in a fix, with no scope of releasing their films theatrically, and unable to release their films digitally, due to the non-cooperation of heroes. Big films need theatres to get back their investments, but that’s not the case with small films, then why are heroes that particular about a theatrical release?

There were a lot of expectations on Nani’s V when it released on Amazon Prime last year, but the film turned out to be a major disappointment for audiences. A lot of apprehensions started to develop for Tollywood’s actors after the release of V, making them think that releasing their film directly on OTT can do more dmaage than good. Hence, actors are totally against the idea of releasing their films digitally, despite the producers of the films going through a major financial burden. However, with the situation getting better eventually, here’s hoping that producers will soon be able to release their films and ease their financial stress.

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