Nani’s Dasara surpasses Shyam Singha Roy with a record deal!

Natural Star Nani is one of those actors who managed to establish a loyal fanbase for himself without any background in the film industry. The actor scored an impressive hit with his recent film Shyam Singha Roy, which was released in December 2021. Prior to the theatrical release of this film, Nani suffered from two back to back disappointments, with his films V and Tuck Jagdish getting a direct OTT release.

Shyam Singha Roy was released among good expectations and managed to reach the expectations upon release. The film also happens to be the costliest film in Nani’s career, making the highest pre-release business for any of Nani’s films, with the makers of Shyam Singha Roy making Rs. 35 Crores from the non-theatrical rights alone.

Now, Nani’s film Dasara has exceeded the pre-release business of Shyam Singha Roy as well, having struck a record deal. The non-theatrical rights of Dasara have reportedly been sold at Rs. 45 Crores. The expectations on Dasara are already high, given Nani’s spectacular transformation for his part in the film,w which is being directed by Srikanth Odela.

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