Nani’s affirmation on Tuck Jagdish is here!

Natural Star Nani took the biggest plunge in Tollywood last year when he decided to go ahead with a direct OTT release for his 25th film V, which was directed by Mohan Krishna Indraganti. That was the best that could be done, given the circumstances last year, but after the result of V, the actor was certain that he doesn’t want another film of his to get a direct OTT release.

However, his upcoming film, Tuck Jagdish, directed by Siva Nirvana, is heading for a direct OTT release and is all set to start streaming on Amazon Prime from September 10th. The actor officially announced that he had to take this call due to the current situations, where things are still getting better, and where the possibility of a third wave of coronavirus is scaring everyone.

Now, the actor has taken to Twitter and posted an affirmation of the release of Tuck Jagdish, stating that we would all be celebrating the upcoming festival of Vinayaka Chaviti with our family, watching Tuck Jagdish at home. On the other hand, sources say that Nani has come to a strong conclusion to make sure that none of his upcoming films take the OTT route at any cost.

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