Nani thinks Jersey will be a big game changer for him

Nani has been trying all kinds of genres from regular commercial films to romantic films to films that have different content altogether. He has been trying hard to change his reputation as well as a limited actor.

He is more about versatility and he wants to prove that for his next few films. The actor said in an interview, “I think I’m in a better position today to choose and pick. I think you will see me doing better work from now on.”

He continued, “Jersey made me realize that I am taking on a subject that could just be something totally different for the audiences and hence had a chance to fail too. But when I saw the film, all my doubts have vanished.

The way I felt after hearing the script, I still feel the same even after watching it 20th time. Yes, I kept revisiting it and forgot that I am the actor. I want this feeling every now and again. I will try and do many scripts like this from now on,” concluded Nani. Jersey is releasing on 19th April.