Nani Supports Needi Naadi Okate Katha

Nani, Natural Star of Telugu Cinema, is a good hearted actor in the Industry. As he knows the struggle of an actor, he always wants to support a new film and an heartfelt attempt like his own. This year, he even debuted as a producer to help an unique film like Awe, possible. Now, he supported Sree Vishnu’s Needi Naadi Okate Kadha on social media.

He tweeted,

“This looks like my Katha too .. there’s a lot of heart in sree vishnu’s performance .. wishing him and his team all the very best 🙂
#NeedhiNaadhiOkeKatha “

The movie is said to be the story of a teenager and a college student, who is unable to concentrate on his studies. While his father is ashamed of him, he tries to convince him that studies are just a part of life but not the entire life. Sree Vishnu, talked about the film emotionally and said, “Parents should take care of the pressure that students and young children go through to become what parents wish them to be, even though they are not capable of it. Not all can be merit students and one should understand it.” His Needi Naadi Okate Kadha is releasing on 23rd of March and it has a good buzz in Industry. Venu Udugula made this movie.