Nani in the process of joining a long list

Many actors have tried their version of the Telangana dialect, playing a Telangana native, in some movies. This includes even top actors like Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu, who tried out a Telangana dialect in Vakeel Saab and Dookudu, respectively, among other top actors.

While many young and upcoming actors have also done the same, one particular actor hasn’t tried out the dialect until now and is finally going to be heard speaking a Telangana dialect. That is Natural Star Nani, who is currently in the last leg of the shooting of his upcoming film Ante Sundaraniki, directed by Vivek Atreya. He will then start shooting for Dasara, the first look of which created a huge buzz, given Nani’s rustic look in the poster.

To be directed by debutant Srikanth Odela, Nani will be seen playing a Telangana man in the film, and for the role, the actor is said to be taking Telangana dialect classes currently. This adds him to the list of a number of actors who have already been seen playing a Telangana native. Audiences are already highly intrigued of the thought of seeing Nani as a Telangana native.

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