Nani and RGV to discuss ticket issues very soon!

Director Ram Gopal Varma launched a mini attack against the Andhra Pradesh government’s cinematography minister Perni Nani on Twitter recently, regarding the tickets issue in the state. The restrictions that the AP government put on the prices of cinema tickets in the state did not sit well with anyone from Tollywood, and despite their several attempts to sort things out, the AP government has been reluctant.

Even Megastar Chiranjeevi couldn’t get an appointment with AP CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, and the several meetings that were held in the regard, went wasted. However, RGV currently seems to be more successful than anyone else, having been able to get an appointment to meet with Perni Nan island discuss the issue, through the questions he posted on his Twitter profile.

The common consensus among industry insiders and general public is that RGV may be able to bring about a resolution to the issue, which has been bothering everyone for quite some time now. It is now to be seen when RGV and Nani will meet, and what the final result would be, of their meeting.

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