Nani also interested in Bollywood entry but …!

Natural Star Nani made a constant effort to keep his films grounded that is, none of his films have themes that don’t connect with average film viewers and they tend to stay simple at times. He did not go for those scripts that tend to be preachy or for those scripts that are heavy on science fiction and fantasy elements.

He does want to try science fiction and fantasy genres but they shouldn’t be highly improbable for audiences to get attached to. But when it comes to doing a Bollywood film, what kind of a film will he go for?

Nani replied to this question by saying that he is not in any rush to do a Bollywood film just for the sake of it. He said he is interested to take up a hindi film but he won’t do that unless he finds a script that excites him enough to master Hindi language and get into the character.

Can it be a big budget film? He replied that it can be but there is no necessity that it should be. He said that he will only take a call about doing a film if story connects with him and not just to explore a genre. So, in future if a filmmaker offers him a script that is really worth to put in efforts to make it a Pan-India film then he would go for it.

He is not going to do a film and push it for Pan-India just to try it out. Well, we want to see him doing different roles and films even in other languages to grow his image, market further. Let’s hope he does find a script that excites him soon. His Shyam Singha Roy film shooting has been currently postponed till the second wave of pandemic subsides and Tuck Jagadish will release whenever the cases start to reduce and people are ready to come back to theaters.

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