Nani aiming to clear up everything this year

Natural Star Nani has been robbed of a theatrical release for over a year now. Right before his 25th film, V was scheduled to release in theatres, the first wave of coronavirus led to a total lockdown in the country. Due to the uncertainty of the circumstances, V was released on Amazon Prime, making it the first major release for a Telugu film on an OTT platform so far.

This year too, Nani’s Tuck Jagdish was scheduled to release on April 23rd, but due to the second wave of coronavirus, all theatres were shut down, and the release of Tuck Jagdish got posptoned. While there were several reports of the film getting an OTT release, the team of Tuck Jagdish clarified that there would be no OTT release and that the film would be released theatrically only.

According to the latest reports, Nani is aiming to finish shooting and releasing four of his films this year. Nani is currently occupied with Shyam Singha Roy, which will resume shooting later this month. Post this, he is expected to join the shooting of Ante…Sundaraniki, and after that, he is expected to start shooting for debutant Srikanth’s film. If everything goes well, then Nani will be able to release all four films this year itself.

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