Nandu’s Directorial Debut For The Movie Joke

Actor Nandu (Anand Krishna) has done some important roles in the super hit movies like “100% Love”, “Pesarattu”, and also the latest movie “Pellichooplu”. Nandu is a super talented budding artist who has a nose in acting as well as filmmaking.

We present to you, this technically high-quality digital movie, which flags Nandu as a debut director. The movie “JOKE” presents Nandu as the hero, actress Manasa Hima Varsha is the female lead in this movie. Ajay Gosh, the actor who was seen in a dynamic role in the movie “Prasthaanam” has played a cop in this movie Joke.

In contrast with the title, the tagline goes as “A serious movie”. Produced by Klapboard Productions, has produced for “Joke”.

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