Nandamuri family ruling the roost

The Nandamuri family is currently riding on a high, thanks to the back to back hits they have scored in the last eight to nine months. At a time when movies aren’t really working out in theatres, the family has managed to deliver three hit films in the form of Akhanda, RRR, and Bimbisara.

It all started with Balakrishna’s Akhanda last year, then NTR’s RRR in March this year, and now Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara, which was released yesterday. All three films turned out to be huge successes, with RRR even going on to collect more than 1000 Crores at the worldwide box office, turning out to be the highest grosser of this year.

With the hattrick hits, Nandamuri fans are on top of the world, enjoying and thoroughly celebrating the success. The success means a lot more to Balayya and Kalyan Ram personally, as the two actors have been suffering from the lack of a proper hit for a few years now. All in all, it surely is a wonderful phase for the Nandamuri actors and their fans.

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