Namitha to start her own OTT!

Namitha made a good impression with her looks in her debut film, Sontham, 19 years ago. The movie failed at box office but earned a cult fan following for its comedy. The story of the film and few scenes execution did not impress audiences back in the day.

But Namitha did not give up and tried her luck in another big film, Gemini opposite Venkatesh. Even that film did not work out. Her looks however impressed Tamil filmmakers and by becoming leading lady opposite ageing actors, she became a star in Tamil Cinema.

She became so popular that she did not care about her looks anymore and people accepted her despite that. She earned fame as the most popular glamour queen post Nagma in Tamil Cinema. She couldn’t repeat the same in Telugu Cinema but did earn good following among Telugu film lovers too.

Well, the actress has decided to step in to politics in Tamil Nadu and joined a National party. She will soon launch her own OTT platform, “Namitha Talkies”. The actress wants to promote low budget and medium budget films on her OTT platform. As there are market leaders that take care of big budget and popular heros’ medium budget films, she will provide her platform to low budget films, majorly.

The platform could be converted into ATT and a nominal price will be applied on several films that don’t get a theatrical release. She said that she will be running the platform with the help of a software professional, Ravi Varma – her close friend. She did not specify the date when she will launch the platform.

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