When we go to any film we try to estimate what could be the movie and what the director wanted to say through the runtime. The movie ends up being a overlong worst experience or a one good film that we all adore due to director’s conviction. Sadly Krishna Vamsi lacks any kind of conviction in his new movie, Nakshatram.

Plot : A young man who belongs to a police officers family takes the Police job as a sacred one in the world as his father compares them to God. Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) try hard but he fails due to lack of proper English Knowledge. Still his ambition is to become a police officer. One day due to his previous brawl with Rahul (Tanish) he fails to reach the tests on time. So, he decides to take police job into his hands under a pseudo name ‘Alexander’. But there is another person in the name of Alexander (Sai Dharam Tej) and Kiran Reddy (Pragya Jaiswal) is looking for him. What is the story behind this Alexander and how all these are connected? Watch it on screen…

Performances : Sundeep Kishan performs his best in few scenes but in many he looks confused. He tried his best but Krishna Vamsi did not help him with a good story. Sai Dharam Tej has given his best to the film in the 20 minutes of his role but his character doesn’t add up to the overall screenplay or doesn’t convey anything new in the film. Pragya Jaiswal is used for the oomph factor and Few action scenes. She tries hard to keep a serious face and show tough exterior but looks completely unnatural.Regina Cassandra gets one or two scenes where she can act rather she is just used as an eye-candy. Sivaji Raja, Prakash Raj, Tulasi make an honest attempt to make a sense of this mess.

Technicalities : Siva Y. Prasad would have been asked to approach the movie as 20 introductions of lead women and 30 introductions of the characters. There are intro cuts through the film and they make no sense in the screenplay where they arrive.Srikanth Naroz has been asked to use as many weird shots as he can and Dutch angles. But that doesn’t help the screenplay or the concepts fail to convey any kind of emotion.

Bheems and Madhusudan compose the songs but they fail to create any impact. Mani Sharma’s BGM doesn’t help either. Krishna Vamsi has been outdated long time back and he proves that once again. He takes us to 70’s from 2010’s. The story neither has anything convincing nor the screenplay has anything logically sound. We wait for something substantial to happen from first frame but we end up waiting even in the climax.

Analysis : Krishna Vamsi once was known for making original movies but here he has resorted to his old style here. He tries to create a world with these characters but it is too old and unconvincing. We can not recommend you to watch this movie and if you feel like doing so, it is on your own risk.

Rating : 1.5/5

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