Nagababu narrates a funny story about his Dog!

Mega brother Nagababu has been in the news for his controversial comments and political affluence. He was majorly in news because of his reaction to Nandamuri Balakrishna comments on Telugu Film Industry heroes like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna and producers for not inviting him to talk to Chief Ministers of both the states. Now, many have been expecting him to react on Ram Gopal Varma for making film on Pawan Kalyan and announcing films targeting Mega Family members, directly.

But he chose to talk about his dog, Piku in his latest video and stated that he thought dogs are the most selfless creatures who put their owners safety first. He said that he realized that he was wrong in assuming so, as when tried to prank his wife with an artificial snake, he was shocked to see even his dog running away from the place along with his wife, without trying to save him. He laughed out loud sharing the video of the incident and described it in a funny manner too. He confirmed that he is not targeting anyone with the video.