Naga Shourya comes with a different role!

Naga Shourya decided to come up with films that suites him and are different from regular films that we have to come to expect from him. He is attempting movies that suit his body language most and even trying to deliver quality output in limited budget without much fanfare. He established his own production house, IRA Creations and even delivered a blockbuster like Chalo, early this year.

Now, he is coming with a new movie that has a youthful storyline and approach. The team released @Nartanasala, his movie, teaser today and in it, the team hinted at him playing a gay character for at least few sequences. He is said to be brought up by his parents as a Girl and hence, his marriage is a big problem for his father.

Well, at the outset, the movie looks like a comic caper that celebrates womanhood and also being different doesn’t kill the masculinity in a man. We have to wait and see, how entertaining the actual movie will turn out to be. But the teaser is highly promising and we can expect a good movie from Naga Shourya this time. Srinivasa Chakravarthy is the writer and director of the film.